tisdag 27 april 2010

Where is spring?

Today it was kind of grey in the morning and later it started raining and after that it came SNOW!! I really don't want any more snow now before summer! I just wish it would get warmer!

My car is still not fixed =( Hope I get it tomorrow! Guess I will get a huge bill too! But it needs to be fixed!

One of our cats, Nizze (yellow) have been is some fight, again, with some other cat! He doesn't like when you touch his tail! Dunno why he never learn not to fight with other cats! Raxi(grey, cross between "shipscat" and manx) has such huge paws so he will just slap them =) He's younger than Nizze but bigger than him now!

Hope I get some more mail soon! This week hasn't started soo good =(

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Anna Sofia sa...

Cool bild skådar di tv ?