måndag 26 april 2010

Oh happy day =)

Dunno if it's that happy =) Still it can only get better! I hope! I where out cycling after a hectic morning where I where rushing from one place to another! It was so warm and nice I really got some summer feelings! Still tomorrow it will be colder and snow =(
I'm away for two evenings this week that I know of! Never know here if it will be more or less! My car is at a garage for repairs! I need my car!! I have been driving with daughters car now! She also has a good car. And she lets me borrow it =) Don't know if son lets me borrow his car...
When I was walking in town this morning, wishing I had put more clothes on I where looking at the young on their way to school, so little clothes they had on! Are the young more resistant to cold than me or does it have to do with age?

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