tisdag 6 april 2010

New week or something like that...

Easter is over and I have no idea where it went! One day it was thursday and next it was tuesday! I've been busy...
Two days I where out cycling =) That was really lovel! Nice sunny weather, wish it had gone on for a longer time!
Rest of the Easter where rainy and rainy and... Well, lots of snow is gone! Still, now we have lots of water where there should be no water....
We where to a funeral as well, not so fun. Still, this was a fun funeral! Even the priest said so! Not many funerals that are fun! We also got good food to eat =) Also met some relatives I have never seen before... or heard of! It's like that when they live in another country! So that was nice as well.
We where also to a very small village to see a play, it was very fun and best of all; grilled sausage after =) That is never wrong! It was VERY foggy when we went home! Hardly saw the road! Never seen anything like it before!
And to make this week really good I've been to the dentist'! Again! I where like 2 weeks ago, but it didn't go so well! So I had to go back to fix it! Hope it's fine now! I don't like to go to the dentist!
Here a photo of socks I made of left over yarn =)

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