onsdag 14 april 2010

Lots of water

I was out cycling today with a friend =) It was nice! We where around some villages. Saw lots of water! At one place we couldn't go along the bike path as it was flooded! So much water and also alot of cracks in the roads! It was nice weather, sunny but a bit windy. If we have time we will go tomorrow as well.
I have to go to town tomorrow and see if there is anything to buy! As some factories are on strike there is alot of food missing! Lucky we have alot in the freezer =)
I've been on a meeting tonight. It was fun, lots of people as well =) And you get lots of nice things =)
I was after daughter to town, she had been working after school. Tomorrow they have a big test in school so I will go there after I've been shopping to see all things they have made.

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