lördag 27 mars 2010

Shop till u drop =)

Today we've been away to another little town. Hubby was to look at some farming stuff. I was looking for yarn for my penpal in Sweden =) I found alot of blue nice yarn for her =) Hope she will be happy when she gets it! And that she find some nice yarn to send to me! I didn't buy any for me know as I 'm waiting to see what she send to me!

It's raining now =) So snow is melting! Easter will be warm if you look at the weather forecast! I hope they are telling the truth! My cold is getting better =) So next week I hope for warm and dry weather so my bike and I can go out for a ride! And I get a chance to try my sports drinks!

And must remember to turn the clock to summertime before I go to bed or I will be late for work!

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